Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home: Fall Style!

I don't do much seasonal decorating, in fact most decorations are too "themey" if you know what I mean. Christmas decorations are about the most I'll do--and those must be functional and pretty and not a red and green overload. However, I will do a little bit to spruce up our humble abode for my favorite season of the year.

Mums and pumpkins on the front porch!DIY glitter pumpkins as the dining room table centerpieceAnd, my newest addition...mini pumpkins on the console table

What we have is just enough to appreciate Fall, but not go overboard-wacky about it. Oh, and you cannot see it, but my favorite wall flower, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, is burning! Mmm, mmm--love it!


J said...

joi, at least you do not go overboard on decorating, its just right and looks cute. I love the mirror in the last photo.

ROXY said...

I love your fall decorations. I agree with you, I'm really in the less is more camp. Over the top halloween and fall decorations aren't my style. Love those DIY glitter pumpkins. Cool idea. thanks for sharing:)

julie said...

You did even more than I did, and I just posted on mine yesterday as well! :) Looks great!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Seriously so tastefully done, I love it! I love the color of your mums as well!

suzie said...

Loves it! Absolutely adore the last photo!

Freckles Chick said...

Classy (as always)! I agree, less is more. Love the vignette you've created on your console table.
Were the glitter pumpkins easy to do?

Anonymous said...

sweet cinnamon pumpkin Where did ya get this at????
and I JUST LUV READING ALL YOUR FUN STUFF..AND I LUV BRIGHT PINKS...but TONYA doesn't like pink...BUT lately she has been known to buy pink...ha ha..
kid her about PINK ok..
Luv Auntie Linda


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