Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best Week To Be A Teacher

It's Homecoming week, folks! And, it's not just homecoming at my school, but David's school, too! This makes for an extra busy and super fun work week, that doesn't quite feel like work. I mean, when you get to wear pajamas and dress up like superman, it really doesn't get much better than this.

Yesterday was PJ day at my school and decades day at Dave's. We were in such a hurry that I didn't get to snap pictures! But, rest assured, D-money and I were decked out in our outfits and ready to have a great time at school.

At night at my school, we had the annual homecoming parade and powderpuff football game where Junior varsity club girls play Senior varsity club girls. It was hilarious to watch them play, especially when the boy football players acted as cheerleaders. I left before the game was it was getting close to my bedtime and I have a 35 minute drive home! But, I was happy to find out my Junior girls won when I got to school this morning! It was a major upset for the Seniors as you can probably imagine. Take yourself back to Junior/Senior year in highschool, I'm sure you can still recall the rivalry! I rooted for the Juniors because I have more of them in class--absolutely justified in my mind! : )

Our Foreign Language float
Other club floats
Powderpuff game
Guy football players acting as cheerleaders--nice stunts!

Today I dressed up for Sport's day {kinda lame} but I didn't have any rodeo attire! David dressed up as Clark Kent and his outfit was dead on. I loved it.

Representing the StL!It's Superman!
Tomorrow's spirit day for me since we have Friday off, and hat and sunglass day for David. We promise not to disappoint our students and will dress up once again.

Oh and stay tuned for Friday, someone's promised to make a repeat in their famous panther suit at the homecoming football game! Too bad I can't be there to witness the crazy antics that I'm sure will ensue ;-). I'll be rooting my own school to victory over the school I left to come here---oooh, exciting, right?


Mrs. Case said...

Wow. I thought parades and floats were just conjured up by the media. I grew up in So Cal and we never did anything cool like that when I was in high school. When I was a freshman we had field day and got to miss 2 hours of class to have grade wars but that was banished by sophomore year. I am so impressed by the way your schools go all out. I'm sure those are great memories for the kids.

leah @maritalbless said...

Now if that doesn't get you in the spirit I don't know what will! I used to love homecoming!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love homecoming week to!!! It was actually the same week I started student teaching, so that was an experience. I didn't know the first day and showed up all fancy on worst outfit day! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

And I keep forgetting to ask you, since I'm from your area, I was curious were you worked before goig to EHS? I remember that when I was in high school and I played tennis we always knew EHS would kick our A$$es and didn't even try!

Joi said...

So fun, right guys?

Melissa, I actually left EHS to go back to Granite City. I'm originally from Granite. But EHS was/is always pretty dominant in the sports area!

ROXY said...

This all seems so fun!! My BIL is a high school teacher and football couch in the next town over and his school never does anything fun like this!! Thanks for visiting;)


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