Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sew It Goes

This afternoon David and I headed out to Fairview to make a few stops at Home Depot, fabric stores, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy and the mall. I had a couple things on my list and pretty much got what I needed. My DIY planters are glued and drying over night--I'll post pics on Sunday probably, because you are not supposed to move them for 24 hours. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go here.

David and I had some funny times at the fabric store today. We pulled up and the parking lot was jam packed---when we walked in there was a mini-seminar going on with numerous women of all ages milling about and having a great {loud} time. David was totally out of his element and couldn't find another guy in the whole store. He was such a trooper though, and I adore his patience with me!

Why was I at a fabric store? Well, I think I want { my mom ;-) }to make new curtains for the bedroom and possibly a chair cover/pad for my office chair {please stay tuned for this post later}! This is the fabric I am loving right now for the bedroom and I went in search of it.
I have not found a fabric that screams out to me for the office chair just yet.

I didn't find the above fabric, but I did find some other fun ones that I took pictures with on my cell {please excuse the quality--the colors are not representative of their true hues}.

This one looks fun for our back porch sitting area! It's a black and white Moorish pattern.
This one is a brown and green smaller version of the ever-popular trellis fabric!
This one is brown and green, too, and I think it has potential for the bedroom.

My mom doesn't know she's in contention to be my #1 seamstress, but she will as soon as she reads this {love you, mom!}.

Sweet Dreams, I need to hit the hay! ♥


C said...

I love all the fabrics! Which store did you find these in?

Lynn said...

I GOTTA SEE THIS JOI...your mom sewing??? Does she really sew???
SORRY CONNIE...!!! But I really wanna see the final on this if she can sew...I"m proud of her.

Freckles Chick said...

That's it! I'm so going on the hunt for the trellis fabric in my local fabric stores =)

Suzie said...

The 2nd one is fabulous!


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