Monday, June 9, 2008

You deserve one {the slogan read}.

You're dang right I do. And if it was not so hard to get one, I would of had one a lot earlier than today! This thing that I deserve {and so do all of you} is a sweet little fruity summery drink at none other than Taco Bell. It's called the Frutista Freeze and comes in a strawberry or mango flavor and is topped with real strawberries. I've been seeing the advertisements on TV, but of course my town's Taco Bell decided to sit this one out and not carry them--what?!?! So today, while in the StL getting my hair cut, we saw a Taco Bell with the big signs in the window advertising this baby! Yes--woo hoo--I was so excited and ready to get the strawberry kind, until the lady said it was too frozen {how could this be for a frozen drink???} and that I'd have to settle for the mango. Well, the mango was kickin' and I can't wait to find another TB in the area to try out the strawberry kind! The word on the street is that they are made from all natural fruit flavors and only sweetened with natural sucrose as opposed to the high fructose syrup used to sweeten other fruity drinks. {I read that here for all you people who are curious or that care!} It really was a tasty treat and after I googled it I was able to come across this site that lets you download a coupon to try it for free {link in the bottom right of the page} what are you waiting for??? Download it and go try one! I think you'll be pleasantly suprised :) . Goodnight, lovelies!

Mmm, mmmm good!


Anonymous said...

ive been told the mango taste blah, but the strawberry is what i want to try next time. will have to try for ourselves and see which one we like.


Unknown said...

I'm sold! I'm going to get the mango today!

melissa said...

Mmmmmm....looks good. I'll have to try one when I get motivated enough to leave my cocoon of a house!

Freckles Chick said...

Enabler!! =) I've seen the ads for this drink but held off. Now after reading your post & Suzie's on DP, I owe it to myself to use the coupon for a free one, right?
Thx J!


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