Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the City-I saw it, did you?

I went to see Sex and the City tonight with some friends and I enjoyed it! Now, I may be the only girl in her mid-twenties who has never seen a full episode of SATC as it aired originally on HBO, but I promise you that I will be catching up in the near future with my friend Sarah's complete series DVD set. I have to share with you that I never really understood the hype of SATC and like most things, music included, I tend to shun them if too many people go ga-ga over it. For example: Dave Matthew's Band, Grey's Anatomy, John Mayer etc. It's not like I'm in on the "indie scene" or anything like that, but sometimes it's as if people like stuff just to say they like it...catch my drift? Maybe I'm too critical or I over-think it, but alas-I've succumbed and will give into the hype and catch myself up on this particular "trend" ;-).

Oh and I almost forgot, my most loved part in the whole movie {besides the shoes and handbags} was the home decor! I have exhausted the google search engine and unfortunately cannot find a movie still of my two favorite scenes!!!! Anyhoo--if you've seen the movie or plan on seeing the movie, check out the paint color in the Vogue office {it's to die for--eek!} and the photo collage above Carrie's bed in her bright blue apartment! I ♥ both looks so much and I will continue to scour the internet until both images are found!

Goodnight lovelies, I'm off to sleepy-town!


Anna said...

I saw it Friday night with half of Edwardsville. I loved the LOVE she had in her apartment.

The Juggling Francophile said...

I saw SATC on Saturday night, and I said the same thing about the photo collage! I loved it! I don't think I noticed the Vogue wall -- was it during the photo shoot or the pre-shoot meeting with Enid? I have to say, a lot of the fashions made me gasp and weep ... even though I hate the fashion industry, etc ;)

Joi said...

glad you girls noticed the decor, too!

i noticed the color in the vogue office when carrie was asked to be the "40" photo spread--it was a gorgeous deep greyish/taupe color!

Loved it!


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