Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baby #2!

I haven't officially announced my second pregnancy on the blog because I just started making a little extra time for blogging since it's sweet summertime. 

We found out we were expecting baby #2 in early January! 

Just like Theron, this baby was conceived with the help of fertility meds. I totally did not think they would work this time around since it took longer than it did with Theron. 

So many people were shocked when we told them we were expecting! I don't blame them because after Theron, I swore I wouldn't have another kid. I sold or gave away a ton of his baby gear because there was no way I was going to go through that again. He was such a handful and if you are a longtime reader or know me personally, you know that as an infant...he nearly broke my spirit. If you're new here, take a read at this blog and especially this blog to get a little glimpse into the life of a child who never stopped screaming. 

But, time heals all wounds, so "they" say and Theron did grow out of his screams. He is still a high maintenance kiddo but -that- we can manage! He barely posed for this shot but once is all it takes--haha!

We found out early on--around 10 weeks by doing the Harmony blood test--that we were having another boy. We kept the secret to ourselves for awhile and shared the news with our family and friends a few weeks later. 

Much like with Theron's pregnancy, I experienced some minor complications early on and was put on bed rest. Those have since subsided, thankfully, and we hope we will have smooth sailing from here on out. 

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and am feeling pretty good. I started my pregnancy with sever nausea and while that has ended I am left with a bad taste in my mouth, usually all day, no matter what I eat every single day. I find that I have more energy this pregnancy, and I'll attribute that to it being summer and that I have more free time. I'm sure that's it! 

I've been better about taking bump pictures but still don't write down as much stuff as I see a lot of other bloggers documenting. Maybe I'll start doing that more since I've got the time--who knows! 

Today we're working on the nursery and we're trying to copy these great walls, seen here and here

Thanks for sharing in our joy! I'll share some bump pictures this summer! If you'd like to see some...follow along on Instagram [@joidan82]!



Kristin said...

Congratulations!! So glad you posted about it here. After your weekend update just a couple posts back I saw a peek of your bump-- SO obviously that meant I had to go stalking.. found your IG with all the cute pics and seriously LOVE your outfit posts. So now that I officially sound like a creep, congrats again!! :)

AmandaG said...

Congratulations! I'm due with #3 a week before you are! This was a surprise for us as we were not planning on having another baby. Especially after #2 was kind of a difficult baby for us. I went back and read the posts you marked. I am worried that we'll have the same problems with baby #3 as we did with #2, especially since they are both girls, but we'll deal with it one day at a time. My son is six and that age is such a better age than the one we're in now with my daughter (2 years old). But, I remember with my son, who was a pretty good baby (other than not sleeping through the night) that 18 months until just before 3, was so hard. ANYWAY... I will be looking forward to reading whatever you post about this pregnancy!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So so happy for you! You are beautiful inside and out and it's clear that you are a fabulous mom (and your hubby is clearly a wonderful dad). These little boys are so lucky to have you!

Freckles Chick said...

Kim above said it so well....this little guy's going to be so stoked to be part of your incredible family. And I could just eat Theron up in that video!!

Wishing you smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy & beyond. This kid's bound to be easier right?! You all put in your dues in every way lol!

Love you to pieces, xoxo

PS. I've been giving away Quinn's stuff & friends assure me they'll give it all back asap. I'm all "No! Keep all the things!" ;-)


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