Saturday, November 16, 2013

Theron Drake: Graffiti Wall Pics

You guys know I like to take pictures of Theron Drake.  I love dressing him and taking him fun places to capture his personality! Some may say that I take too many pics, but really, can you ever have too many pictures of your kiddo? I don't think so. 

He's not always the best model [haha--imagine that!].  But that's ok.  He's a toddler.  A high-maintenance, do-what-i-want, don't-hold-my-hand, determined K I D.  Sometimes I need help remembering that.  I know,  I'm definitley far from perfect. 

The other day we took him down to the graffiti flood walls on the Mississippi River in St. Louis and let him explore.  He wanted to roam around and kick rocks and pick up glass. [Um, not cool, buddy!] 

But fear not, he was totally safe! The area is the coolest stretch that seems to go on for miles! I owe this little discovery to my senior students who keep getting their senior pics taken down here.  I knew that Theron Drake needed his taken here as well.

See that cute beanie? He was only tolerant of it when he was cold.  Otherwise, he wanted that thing off fast.  And of course, to the gravel it went.  Who was there to retrieve it every time? Momma.

It's pretty obvious who's in charge here.  

Yeah, it's so not me. I'm pretty sure I only think I call the shots. If you have a toddler, you can relate.Unless your toddler is an angel, and in that case, have them send some tips Theron's way. 

To get those killer grins we usually have to sing songs or dance like we're having convulsions. Other times we just have to offer a couple handfuls goldfish crackers. I swear, he's about to turn into a goldfish cracker. 

Lately his newest obsession has been the school bus.  It's no surprise because the kid is obsessed with all moving vehicles.  Total boy. 

Ok, it's my last one. I promise.  I just love his chunky cheeks!

Have a great Saturday, friends!



Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

he is adorable! and I am not sure if I know where this wall is at but I am pretty sure that I need to find it! It's awesome! I love all of your pictures!!

ps. I just sent you an email ;)

Unknown said...

Love these! He is such a cutie!!

Emily @ DavenportDIY said...

Ridiculously adorable- I'm impressed at how many good shots you got!! B tries to steal my camera every time I bust it out, so all my photos are blurry and of his face SUPER CLOSE. T is adorable and I love this shoot!!


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