Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Little More Info On My DIY Art

My blog titles are so exciting right? Haha.  I spend way too much time trying to come up with something clever and boom--that's what you get.  I probably should stay away from marketing and advertising, no?

Anyhoo, I told you guys that I would be back with some deets on how I made that painted DIY canvas art in the last post.

This will not be a tutorial because like I said before, I had no idea what I was doing.

I simply bought some paint and brushes at Michael's:

And I used this rug, available at Furbish and Rugs USA [although now I can't seem to find it here], as inspiration:
Honestly, I just had my iPhone next to me with this rug's image and I tried to capture the same essence of it. I simply mixed my colors until I got one I liked and got to painting.  The whole thing took me about 2 hours or so.  

The final product didn't look much like the rug but the colors were exactly what I had envisioned. And that made me happy.

At first I left the sides unfinished:

But then during the day yesterday I decided to make a pit stop at Michael's on the way home to pick up some rub 'n buff to add a little gold to the edges.

I know most of you have used it, but on the off chance that you haven't, it's impossible to mess up.  You do exactly as the title states: rub 'n buff.  Seriously so easy.  And they have about 4 shades of gold to choose from so you can get the perfect shade you're looking for. 

My little tube cost around $4.00 and it said that it covers 20 sq. feet.  I had once before used rub 'n buff on Theron's curtain rings and was thrilled with it then as well.  

 You can't see the gold on the sides in this shot, but when you do, I promise, it looks awesome!

Oh, and someone left a very nice comment yesterday asking why I chose the white quarter round.  Good question! That was actually a miscommunication between the floor company and me.  I decided to keep it that way, and not go darker because we may eventually paint the fireplace white and I might want it to blend in with it.  It does stick out but I'm not up for changing it just yet.

You can see a little peek of the gold here!

Thanks for stopping in today.



Betsy Cobb Gordon said...

Your painting looks great! I'd love to attempt something like this. What's the worse that could happen, right?

I really miss your posts of what's good in your hood. They were always so fun to see.

West of the Square Designs

michelle@decorandthedog said...

I really like the art! The colors are perfect for your living room. Teach me to paint. :)

Miss Chelsea said...

That looks awesome!

Lindsay said...

it turned out great! I really like the gold surprise on the edges. The whole room is looking fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What a fun and colorful art piece!

Ann + Robert said...

Really cool looking painting! I'm excited to follow along as you decorate the new house.

Paulette Fletcher said...

Looks great! I just saw the inspiration rug today at tuesday morning. Great choice

Unknown said...

that is so awesome! i love that rug and i can't seem to find it either!! Booo.. Anyway, so we have a fireplace that's almost the same color brick. It's a new house- only about a year and a half old, so ripping things out and "updating" seems kind of unnecessary but then again, I don't love it. I'm so torn! I'll stay tuned to see if you ever paint yours so I know it's safe! haha ;)


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