Friday, August 16, 2013

This Is the End...of Summer

Dear Theron,

Well Dude, last summer the only real thing you had going for you is that you were dang cute. That's about it. This summer, you're still really dang cute, if not cuter, but now you are also fun...a lot of fun!  This has been my favorite summer of my entire life.  You are a crazy nutball, but that's the fun!

Here are some things that you are really good at right now in your life:

- Walking
- Running
- Being sweet
- Being a brat
- Doing what YOU want
- Letting us know if you're doing what YOU want
- Being mad if you're not doing what YOU want
- Being happy when you can do what YOU want

Here are some things that you aren't quite so hot at right now in your life:

- Doing something that you DON'T want to do
- Being happy about doing something that you DON'T want to do
- Talking

You haven't started talking yet, you're not really even babbling or making hard syllable sounds and at 16 months you "should" be talking but I guess you've decided not to do that yet.  Hey man, that's cool, you'll figure it out.  The good news is you know what words mean, educated people call this "receptive language" and you can do some sign language (by some I mean "more", surprisingly).  You're working with a speech pathologist and I have a feeling you're not too far off, and I can only imagine how much I will miss the days of you not talking in a few years.

Enough of the yapping (mainly because you don't "yap") let's look at your summer:

- We moved!

- Before you moved "in" you lived at Grandma and Grandpa's house and you got to run around that big house of theirs.

- You took a lot field trips this summer:

1. Carmel, Indiana

2. Grant's Farm and you got to see horses...

- And carts (of course)

3.The zoo!

- Favorite animal?  The hippo!

4. Boating on Lake Shelbyville (Sorry about the vest...)

5. The Magic House (summarized in 2 pictures)

- A Splashpad. Splashing, not so much, walking, you betcha!

- But your favorite field trip of the entire summer? The Harley-Davidson shop.

- You even got your own (actually it's Uncy's, but close enough).

Things changed this summer, because you got some/did some new things:

- A new friend, E, who unfortunately lives in a different state :(

- You learned to drive a boat (and you love the throttle).

- You learned to Swiffer (and subsequently broke child labor laws).

- You learned to believe you can fly.

- You learned to give kisses.

- You learned to read, or at least listen to, Hop on Pop.  You really like, "Pat" the "walkers" and "Mr. Black."

- You learned to swim, or not hate the water like your first lesson!

- You didn't really learn it so much, but became addicted to swinging!

- You learned to value your privacy.

- You learned to climb steps (heavenly).

- You learned to drive a zamboni.

- You learned to ice skate.

But somethings never change...

- You love your "Pal Scout."

- And you still have a pal in your sister, Scout, who will always protect you.

- You have a serious addiction and may need an intervention!

- You are kind of fond of yourself.

- But why wouldn't you be, you are beautiful!

- Sometimes you show it better than other times.

But ultimately, I love you so much, son.  And this summer has been amazing, although I am a bit disturbed by the fact that you keep getting bigger!  It guess it's part of life though.  Thanks, Duder, for a great summer!



 and Mom.


Lovely Little Nest said...

He is too cute! It looks like you had an amazing summer!

P.S. I am determined to make those adorable leather shoes someday if/when I have a kiddo! :)

Freckles said...

What's the word for a boy diva, b/c that's Theron to a T (see what I did there). It's a big part of why I adore this kid.

Sweetest, funniest, cleverest (word?) post per usual! Amazing what a difference a summer makes. You guys are doing such a stellar job w/ this brilliant boy. Love him to pieces.

(Our little friend Erik didn't utter a word until he was 2 & now he won't shut up. ;-)


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