Monday, April 29, 2013

Theron's First Birthday Party - The Food and Decor

We held Theron's first birthday party at my in-laws last weekend and we think he had a pretty good time.  Those almost-toddlers always keep you guessing!  He loved pushing his John Deere lawnmower around the whole house the entire time.  I think he couldn't have cared less who was there or how it was decorated.  Hahaha!  That kid is smart and I could take a lesson from him!

We went with a 'rain+cloud' feel [notice I didn't say theme].  I made a lot of the stuff on my own and some of it came from Etsy or Target, too.  I couldn't have completed any of it without the inspiration Pinterest provides.  Gosh, I love how that site makes it possible to share and use the genius of other nice people's creativity!

I wish I would've taken more family photos and decoration photos but as you know, if you've ever thrown a party,  things get all wonky really fast and people come and go quickly as well.

The pics I did get are sweet and will hopefully give you a little peak at our day.  So let's get to it!

The heart print was a free printable I found here.  And I made the two prints [in the middle] on PowerPoint based on some others I had seen around.

We got the Happy Birthday banner via a Brickyard Buffalo sale.

I sewed rainbow colored cardstock into this mobile-like garland using this tutorial.  I found some large blow up punch balls at Michael's and scattered them all over the floor for Therbear to kick.

I bought a vintage sheet from this Etsy seller for the dining tablecloth and I made some cloud centerpieces from foam that I freehanded & cut out.  I covered some large food canisters [that my father-in-law got from some family friends who own a restaurant] and wrapped them with kraft paper and gross grain ribbon.

I bought some water bottle printables from this Etsy seller and scored the stripey straws at Target.  

I made the food & drink labels on PowerPoint and then printed them out on cardstock and used washi tape to snaz them up a bit.

My favorite spot in the party was the food table!  I took total inspiration from this image.  I sewed some blue fabric together and made the clouds out of quilt batting via this tutorial

I have loved these tassel garlands for so long and finally found the perfect event to use one.  I thought about DIYing one but bought one instead via this Etsy seller.  Totally worth it.

One of David's coworkers made some deeelicious red velvet cake pops and I made some rainbow favors for the guests to take home from this idea

We decorated the front of the home with some mylar banners and some pinwheels.  The morning of the party when I was picking up the balloons I spotted the "1" and had to have it! It was the perfect door decoration!

The birthday boy had a sweet gold dipped vintage highchair to sit in and enjoyed his very first cupcake while there, too!

And, since this post seemed never-ending, I'll leave you with just one pic of our sweet one year old! I'll share the people pics later!

Thanks for stopping by, everybody!



Jenny said...

Ooooooh Joi, you posted this at just the right time! Ruby's 1st birthday & party is this coming Saturday, and I was stuck on what to do for food labels. I have plenty of washi tape left, so I'm totally going to borrow your idea! Theron's party was adorable!

michelle@decorandthedog said...

How cute! Everything is so bright and fun. I think I'm going with the rain+cloud "feel" for my next birthday. ;)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the "feel" of this party - all the bright colors and details are simply amazing. The food table is awesome, but I truly love the big table with the cans as cloud centerpieces. Such fun! Awesome job!

Unknown said...

What a cute party!! Love all those colors, its amazing how one year rolls by so fast!!

Freckles Chick said...

Forget kids, I want this for my next birthday too!! You knocked it outta the park, J!! Perfection, everywhere I look. You're such an amazing mama to Theron.

I'm still trying to figure out who you do it, blog, sell a house, raise Theron & 2 doggies AND plan an amazing party.

Now stop it, you're making me look lazy. ::smooches::

P.S. The "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain" is so true I could cry. =]

P.P.S. What a gorgeous house!

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

I love this party and the "feel" of it. What a perfect way to describe it.

All the details are fabulous and it looks like he had a great time turning one surrounded by everyone who loves him.

Happy first birthday Theron!

Daisy Rogers said...

That was really a super first birthday party. You make my mouth watering. I wish I can have all of this. Really this is adorable. And the
dining table cover and cloths are really superb.

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Oh my gosh! You did an amazing job. Can I hire you to plan V's 1st bday party? I love everything about your "feel".

Debbie S. said...

This is my childhood home! I loved this party and the trip down memory lane :)


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