Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Theron Drake, you were in mommy's tummy for 9 months and now...

you have been alive for 9 months.  Hey hey hey!  Well buddy, at your last check-up you came in at approximately 28 inches and 20.6 pounds.  More importantly, your head is not considered to be "off the charts", so good work on that!  And this is how excited you were to get a shot and a clean bill of health.

In all actuality, this seems to be your reaction to...well...most things.  You are either a) quite serious, b) quite introspective or c) quite the tough critic.... regardless of the situation:

Tummy time:

Grocery shopping:

Making new friends (and promptly stealing their toy):

Speaking of new friends.  This is not how you should be greeting new and younger friends.  You were not raised this way!  You shouldn't try to pet a new friend and then scare your other new friend into a "fear coma".  You're the oldest and the biggest for crying out loud.

Obviously the big event in your life this time around was Christmas and you got some pretty sweet stuff.  Like:

A trip to the chiropractor for dad:

Best dressed hillbilly ever:

A way to make baths even more complicated:

Things for your puppy sister to destroy:

Things that roll and are kickable:

A playpen:

The essence of life:

I do have some unfortunate news for you about your first Christmas.  This actually happened.  Sorry.  (Yes, those are both foxes)

But Christmas was not the only big event in the past month.  You also survived what some people thought would be the end of the world because of the Mayan Calendar.  I felt it my duty to tell you this possibility the morning of December 21st and you were very nervous.

You quickly mellowed out when I told you that you had nothing to worry about.

You are still sensitive/high-needs/touchy, or anything else me, your mom or websites refer to you as, but at the end of the day you are Theron Drake and you are my son and I absolutely adore everything about you.  From this:

 To this:

I would not change anything about you (at least now, that statement is subject to change and amending).  As previously stated, you have your serious side.  But you do have the ability to cut loose and let out a major smile and every time you do it absolutely melts my whole heart.

Happy 9 Months, Duder.  I love you buddy, and thanks for being my Dude.  

Sorry for making a joke about you and mom wearing matching outfits.

That's better.




Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Awwwww this whole post warms my heart. I laughed out loud at the part about a trip to the chiro for dad. So true for these little guys who wanna walk with our help all. the.time. Happy 9 months!! Such a handsome dude.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Too funny about the serious faces, he shows that cute smile though. Is that bath toy squirting water?

Unknown said...

"fear coma" funniest moment, i actually laughed out loud. Love the way you have written this, just gorgeous.

Freckles Chick said...

Bwhahaha at "fear coma" & "trip to the chiro for dad". Love it!!

And I know this might sound weird but I see a slight resemblance in looks (willful temperaments aside) between our kiddos. Is that going to be a problem when they start dating.... =]



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