Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Another Bathroom Update

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, this little update is not going to be news.  Sorry 'bout that.

If you've been a long time blog reader you know that our little bathroom has gone through numerous changes.  I was actually laughing at some of them last night.  Who let me make some of those crazy decisions? Oh yeah, me.

As of late, our bathroom looked like this:

And might I add that it looked like that for quite a long time.  That is quite the feat for me.  When we first moved in we quickly retiled the floor {with my step dad's help/direction}, changed the vanity, and then eventually retiled the shower surround {with my FIL's help and direction}.   Of course the 2013 Joi would have done things differently {aesthetically} but I'm still satisfied with the updates.

Considering this {below} is what we started out with, I think we've done quite well for our modest budget.

Um, do you see the lizard skin looking floor? Yikes.

As of today, I changed out the shower curtain, {I think it's like the 10th one or so--oops!}, switched out the rug, and swapped the word art, too.

I thought I was done with a lot of color but I just keep gravitating back toward it.  I guess I'm a forever color girl.  Don't fight a good thing I guess.



LifeBegins@Thirty said...

I love it! The curtain really brings it all together for me!

Unknown said...

I love the new look! But I love the old one, too! Could you tell me where you got the first shower curtain or what you plan to do with it?

Sharstin said...

fabulous as always! i love that blue wall and that rug is amazing

Gaby {lifeineight.com} said...

Hi Joi,I was thinking that your "little" bathroom is bigger than my main one! :o)

Freckles Chick said...

She's baaa-aaack! =]

This is my favorite bathroom makeover yet!! You OWN color each & every time. My color-phobic self is always in awe when I see how you work w/ colors.

I've got serious double sink vanity envy over here. Since we don't have one, I've banished Mr. FC to the guest bath. Kidding. But seriously.


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It looks awesome, Joi. You rock color in your home an I love how you mix colors and prints flawlessly. I love the word art, too.

Our new house only has one teeny bathroom. It didn't bother me until we had Henry. Now I feel like having a little extra space for bottles/pump parts/makeup would be pretty handy. So I'm swooning over all your space. :)

Unknown said...

i love it! Kate spade has the cutest shower curtains, I swear. And I also own that rug! Nate berkus right? ;)


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