Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missoni, Friends, and Babies!

This is going to be a random post 'cause that's all I am lately...a little here and there and everywhere.

First up is my Missoni for Target experience. I'll tell you what, for once it seemed like I wasn't in to the latest trend. I mean, I didn't even hit Target until a week after the launch. I know, weird right? When I did finally show up I didn't expect to like anything if items were still available.

However, these cute pumps caught my eye and when I tried them on I liked them even more. My favorite part is the chunky wooden heel. Something about them makes me love them. Guess I couldn't resist!



As you may have read in yesterday's post, Dave and I were so excited to see one of my dearest friends from college along with her great husband and adorable 4 month old baby boy.




We were lucky enough to catch dinner with them on Friday night and have them as guests at our house, too. Saturday was no exception as we hit up a local pizza place and icecream joint plus we managed to squeeze in some antiquing. I laughed so much that my face hurt. It was the perfect weekend!

Cori and Brian are first time parents and they seem like naturals. I loved getting to see them interact with their sweet baby and I am so happy to see how everyone's lives have evolved and multiplied. We are blessed people to have each other in our lives.

Niko and Scout were super curious of baby Ethan and could not figure him out. They only wanted to sniff him and try and lick him. They weren't fans of his cooing because I think they thought he was in some sort of pain. I hope they're just as protective when Dave and I have kiddos around. On Saturday morning Dave and I both held Ethan--which was practically the first time Dave and I ever held a baby. We're not too skilled in that area! ; )

Dave was enamored with this little guy and it melted my heart.


I'm pretty fond of him as well. After all, I think he's the cutest baby boy on the block.


Two back-to-back posts...too good to be true? : )

Hasta luego, amigos.



Karen said...

I totally missed the whole Missoni launch at Target...oh well. Your friends baby is so sweet. Its great to spend time with friends isn't it?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Could you be any cuter? You look so great in all these photos! Love those shoes - and that baby! ;)

Lynett said...

Looks like you to are ready for a baby :) Love the shoes, super cute!

Sharstin said...

oo--love your new missoni kicks--and those boys are darling~

Chelsea said...

I got those pumps too! Great minds....


Unknown said...

Great stuff...life can be so good!

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Love the shoes. And funny story: Im not into following the crazy trends either. however, I happened to be out for a girls night weeks after the Missoni line came out and guess what? Our store still had EVERYthing! Ive heard horror stories of stores selling out of everything within hours of the release, people cranking prices of the stuff through the roof on Ebay,etc... And here sits our store...fully stocked.

Karen At Home Blog said...

Love those shoes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of all the Missoni things, those shoes are what I'd get too. Also, can you come do my hair b/c yours always looks like perfection.

You guys look like naturals with that darling baby!

Unknown said...

I wasn't there at that crack of dawn but I was there around lunchtime. My store had almost nothing left! I picked up a few things. Those shoes are really cute on you! I got a pair of flats for me and my little girl. :)

Eli said...

Love the peakook necklace! I just saw your house via houzz love it!

Coletta (Rhymes With Velveeta) said...

uh...hello? this post is from
10-04-11! It is almost the end of the month.
Update please.

Caren Drink said...

Miss your style lady... hope everything is OK!

jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

I never even saw the shoes you got! Too cute!
Love all of your pics!


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