Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pillow Pleasers

While in Kohl's the other day looking for a possible down comforter and pillow inserts, I ran across a couple decorative pillows that I was really digging. The first find is from the Jennifer Lopez collection.


Dave mentioned that he thinks it's funny when celebrities have fashion lines in places they would never shop. I think it's sometimes odd, too. But whatever makes them their cash money is fine and dandy with me.

I thought the prices of her collection were quite spendy, but knowing Kohl's, they will be continually heavily discounted to make you think you're getting a deal. Sneaky sneaky.

JLo has Greek key Euro shams that I'm also a fan of as well. The other pillow that I liked was this lumbar pillow from the Sonoma line. It was embroidered and really pretty. I was drawn to the geometric Southwestern vibe and neutral colors.


I've loved this bow pillow from Etsy seller Iviemade for what seems like forever. That mustard yellow color is so yummy to me.


I have no place for it in my home, but maybe some of you do!

Another fun pillow option comes straight from PB Teen. This little lumbar pillow sports a fun color scheme and would look divine in my living room but I am resisting.


I'm a bigger fan of the cooler toned option in the back, but both are quite lovely. : )

So tell me...have you all been lusting over any fun pillows lately? If so, do share.



Rashon Carraway said...

The bow pillow is really nice. I am working with a 10 year old client right now and I hope this comes in pink. If not the yellow may work.

I am off to check it out.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Anonymous said...

I have been loving the Ferm Living knitted floor pillows


theyre huge and look really cozy - granted, SUPER expensive. I always seem to like the pillows that are NOT practical $$-wise!

I really like that J. Lo for Kohls pillow. lol but yes, that is an odd combination. Oh well! haha

A room with a view said...

Dave is right. But in any case, you have a nice little collection of pics here..the last one has interesting patterns/color combos.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Um. I want that first pillow. The JLo one. Like, now?


Freckles Chick said...

Fab finds!! I always think it's funny too when celebs design for stores they'd never shop in. How did Kohls get in cahoots w/ JLo, Vera, & LC?!

The mustard yellow pillow is so sweet. It reminds of a dress from the Mad Men era.

I'm totally lusting after this etsy pillow but can't justify the purchase right now!!


Michael said...

Ok, I was totally in love with the gray J Lo pillow until I saw the Nazi swastika symbol hidden in the pattern. Am I warped in the head for that being the first thing I thought of? Though I may be able to get passed it as they would look awesome on my bed!

Lindsay said...

I recently found Iviemade's shop. I just love her bow and ruffle pillows, especially in mustard!

Suzie said...

Oh, Joi! :)

I freaking want those JLo pillows. Thanks for posting, Joi Joi!

Linda in AZ * said...

*** LUSTING after a pillow/pillows???? WHO, M*E???

* All I can say is that my husband said he wished I looked at H*I*M "THAT" way!!! (Grins!!!)...

* THANKS for the great info...I neverg o there, but guess I will now!!! (I'm also a sheet/linens nut!!!)...

Linda in AZ *

Coletta said...

I WANT a black and white chevron pillow and NO STORES SELL THEM! How is that possible?
Am I going to have to learn how to sew?

Unknown said...

Hey girl- love that mustard pillow! I don't have anywhere to put it either- darn!

ms_meagan said...

I am using a bed set that I bought three years ago and put away. I bought it from Target and it was whatever "big" designer they had at the time. It's mainly brown with a huge, pink tropical flower in the bottom corner. The pillow shams match. But now I need more pillows to join it--- so hard to find.

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Looks to be a nice line. I agree I sometimes wonder if the celebrities/stars shop the stores they have fashion or homegood lines in?

jandjhome said...

I'm always wanting to change my pillows around. These are beautiful.

Joi said...

@Michael--Oh no, now that you said something I see it too!

Sharstin said...

Ah I love pillows, it's a weakness, way to go jlo, lovin that first pillow! and of course the cute mustard one:)

Lovely Little Nest said...

Woah, I love that first pillow! Thanks for sharing ~ I'll now be stopping by Kohl's sometime soon! :)

Hollie @ I'm Busy Procrastinating said...

Liking that JLo pillow. I rarely shop at Kohl's, but maybe I need to give it a looky-loo.


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