Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Day St. Louis [Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Place]

Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of being a guest on Great Day St. Louis! I talked about simple ways to include items you already have into your home decor. I also rocked a new hairstyle. Bringing back the bang.

I got to stay through the whole show and Virginia revealed her and Dianne's {her producer} office to me! A couple months ago I whipped up some idea boards for them and they took my suggestions and ran with them. I am unbelievably crazy excited to share with you guys the before and after images. The taping will happen soon and it is going to be fabulous. I feel so blessed to be a part of this experience.

Also, I hope you'll check out our newest sponsor on the blog today! Rachel is an illustrator and operates a fun and fresh etsy store with her originals. She's available for custom designs and I am seriously contemplating commissioning her to do an original illustration of the exterior of our home.

Have a great weekend, friends! I'm spending the morning with my best friend, Anna, and the evening with my other best girls!

Summer is my main squeeze.



Diane and Kelly said...

Great job!

Second Hand Chicks

Melissa Beck said...

Great job, as always!
♥ya! Can't wait to see ya tonight!

jonalynn said...

Clearly Great Day St. Louis! has impeccable taste. They used a song from my fave band in the whole world to open the show and they feature you!!!

P.S. Your new bangs are super cute!!!

turn up the rad blog
turn up the rad creative

A room with a view said...

Congratulations on being on the show. I use books everywhere in my house, and also my collection of (yellow) national geographic mags!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

You're a rockstar!! : ) The bangs look great and its such great advice!


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