Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Patiently Waiting [Lilly Pulitzer Home]

So while reading the Pink issue of the last House Beautiful I was enamored with this layout:

The creator of these lovely images comes from the wonderful Lilly Pulitzer. Before this layout, LP conjured up images of polka dots & plaids with lots of pinky pinks and bright greens. And while I am a self proclaimed pink lover, I was not super obsessed with that particular clothing style.

But now, I am totally in L-O-V-E with LP. I took one look at this settee and fell head over heels for that pink dragon fabric. It's perfection for me!

Of course there was no price listed...so you know what that means. High dollar, peeps. High dollar.

After some googling, I figured out that LP is debuting a new home furniture line with HFI that is set to grace us with its presence any day now.


I've been scoping out HFI's facebook page to catch a sneak peek of the furniture and I am smitten. It's a shame that these items are probably going to be out of my reach!




Additionally, Lee Jofa is going to sell Lilly Pulitzer fabric!! I mustmustmust get that pink "Tail Lights Daiquiri Print" fabric. It definitely has a place in my home waiting for it.


Lovely Images Via HFI Facebook Page


S said...

Wow, I have to have that stool! Love it!

Hilary @ My So-Called Home said...

I loved that issue, especially the piece on LP and the whole thing made me rethink pink in a huge way. I especially loved the bar cart and the ottoman. Also, did you see that Texas bathroom makeover?! Incredible.


Ches said...

Love the pink. I never thought I would use pink accents in our home until I recently updated our kitchen with tablecloth drapes that have pink in them. I finally posted the kitchen reveal so I would love for you to stop by and take a look.

Katie @ katieboothinteriors said...

LOVE it all!!

Karen said...

OOOOOO!! That is a gorgeous line! I'm sure there will be knock offs and I see similar furniture pieces all of the time in thrift stores. There is still hope for people like us with a real people budget.

TLF said...

LoveLoveLove LP & I can't wait to see the line!!

Sharstin said...

loving! the pink is so beyond!

emily said...

I saw that same article a while back and loved it all! How great is that bar cart?! But I am sure it will be way above my price range!

A Dance With Grace said...

I agree. I can make room for it :). Thanks for the post!


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