Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little Babbling + Antique Store Fun

First, I just want to say that I had a blast at the Phillips Furniture Design Event last night! A big thanks goes out to my friend, Dana, who included me! Everyone from the employees to the guests were so pleasant, I got to talk design and decorating with tons of fabulous people, I passed out calling cards {for reals!}, and I met the editor of the St. Louis At Home magazine. She was the epitome of high fashion and class and we gossiped about her time spent with Jonathan Adler while he was in St. Louis recently. OMG. Do you all understand how much I am loving this?

It was all so much fun and I am still pinching myself! Oh, and the best part?

Christy {we're buds now ; ) } wants to put our home in the At Home magazine soon.

Say whaaat?!?!

I just love how this story keeps getting better and better. And, I am so truly grateful. I hope that manages to comes through in my writing.

But, enough babbling, I must show you guys my favorite finds of the week! I didn't make it to the thrift store last week because of Thanksgiving, but I did make it to my favorite antique store on the weekend! I scored three lovely little purchases and they may be my favorites yet from this place.

First up I found this beyond amazing mid century gold magazine rack. And, it was 70% off! Wahoo for me!


Then I scooped up this little flower pail that I think I've spotted before and passed over, but not this time. She came home with me! : )


Finally, I scored a $10 white afghan that I'm planning on using in the guest room. I didn't snap a pic but I will soon!

Oh, and as a side-note, I went into a Stein Mart yesterday for the first time ever and they have some killer pillows. I picked up a couple and I am in LOVE. I have a feeling you guys are going to love them too. I'll try and remember to take a picture of them and blog about them soon. Mmkay?

Alrightie. I'm tuckered out. See you all on the flip side.

Have a splendid weekend, friends!



Rashon Carraway said...

Congratulations for sure and more congratulations!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Joi! Really you totally deserve it. In my computer your house photos are all in my inspiration folder.

That flower pail is awesome!

Karen said...

So exciting!! Congrats!!!

Bri said...

A thousand Congrats! Too cool!

Also, thank you for inspiring to resume my treasure hunting expeditions at local antique and thrift stores. Goodness you score great finds!

jonalynn said...

So happy about your success! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person!

LOVE the magazine rack and can't wait to see the pillows post!

emily said...

Congratulations! How exciting! And I am totally loving that magazine rack! Great finds!

Unknown said...

I have that same pail! Love it but I got it from my 95 yr old gram. It Goes well with my bright kitchen!


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