Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What A Difference A Year Makes

One year ago yesterday, Dave and I welcomed a scared little doggie into our family of three. Niko Harper was none too sure of his new furry sister but has managed to adapt to her quite well. I'm not sure there is a deep love between Scoutie Bear and Niko, but they do have each other's backs and that makes my heart smile...sappy, I know.


Scoutie's grown from a measly 9 pounds to a hearty 13 pounds. She loves her brownie bear toy to pieces, goes to bed like a champ, is a complete and total daddy's girl, and is the perfect bye-byer. She's just what we needed and I totally believe we rescued her from a very sketchy environment. She's happy as a clam in her new home and that pleases David and I to no end.


Yesterday I stopped by Four Muddy Paws on my way home and picked up an "Adoption Birthday Cookie Cupcake" for our sweet girl. I used our new and free flip cam to document the treat fun.

She loved it and {eventually} devoured it and Niko was a jealous mister. We evened the score by giving Niko some treats too, but alas, his allergies weren't having them so that was a bummer. Niko loved the flavor of the new treats but licked his paws all night. Ugh, I hate that finding food for him that he can actually enjoy completely is almost impossible.

Anybody else's dog have severe food allergies?


P.S. Yup, I'm asking again...have you voted? Yes? Why, thank you!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Aww, such a cute pooch! Time does make a difference, and I did place my vote. I have my finger crossed for you.

Kit said...

My puppy children have allergies as well. Both of my pups are allergic to corn and soy and as you know are in all things dog. I usually make them treats by cooking veggies that they love and puree them. Then I freeze them in cool shaped containers and pop them out once frozen and they chow down. My pups favs are carrot and green bean! Hope you can find something for your pup!

Rashon Carraway said...

I love good doggy stories.

I remember having to give my first dog away. He was adopted by a man who saw me walking in our town area...followed me to Wal-Mart an asked me if I could get him one. Scary.

But now I have a Mr. Benjamin.

Cant wait for him to meet your precious ones via blog land.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Joi said...

@Kit-I think I want to start doing it...thing is, I can't figure out exactly what makes his allergies act up.

@Mr. Goodwill Hunting-Wow! Why did you have to give it to him? That's sad! I'd love to meet Mr. Benjamin!
I ♥ doggies!

Kit said...

I got my dogs allergy tested at my vet bc there stomachs would get upset so frequently. He just took a few tubes of blood and sent them off to be tested and the results were very accurate. Another method I have heard of is the elimination method. This is simply removing certain proteins and carbs from your dogs diet to see if he gets better. I know there is loads of literature out on the web and in book stores on that! I hope you can figure out what he is allergic to!

Caitlin @ Desert Domicile said...

Awww, happy birthday to Scoutie! Both her and Niko are very cute :)

Pam said...

What an adorable post! happy Birthday Scoutie Bear!!

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

I love happy dog stories! They make me smile all day.

Those allergies must be so frustrating. Our dog Jack has seasonal allergies, but nothing some benadryl can't take care of. Good luck trying to figure them out!

jonalynn said...

Happy Adoption Anniversary, Scoutie Bear! She is precious!

Sarah said...

My bichon mix has severe food allergies that I have been able to get under control in the last 6 months. My vet recommended cutting out chicken, beef, wheat, corn, and soy and since doing that I NEVER catch him scratching. I am able to find some treats that he can eat at the big pet stores. Some treats he likes – Zukes (I find these at Petco) and dried sweet potatoes (which my Target carries). Good luck!

Suzie said...

HaHa! So cute! My dogs tolerate each other too, it's no love fest.

Yes, licking their paws like crazy!

emily said...

They are both so cute! And happy birthday to Scout!

As far as treats, I second Zukes. Our dogs love them (and have no allergic reaction, which they are prone to). I know some people don't like the company, but we have also had good luck with these treats: http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/dogformulas/Venisontreats.html. We find both at Petco.

Cori said...

Happy Birthday Scout! I remember meeting you the day your mom and dad picked you up! Niko wasn't so sure at first but it seems like you've grown on him :-)

Anonymous said...

There you go girl, using the vid cam. Great job! fun to see.


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