Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bargain Bin

So while David and I were shopping for paint for our little DIY chevron fun, we...ok, I perused the bargain aisle at Michael's and found these great little geometric coasters for $1.oo! They are a baby pink color, which I don't love, but that's nothing a little paint can't fix!

Right now we are using them as coasters in our living room, but I could also see them sprayed any color of your liking and framed to make for some cheapie wall art. At $1 for all four of them, who could pass them up?

Oh, and I also scored some green and clear damask packing tape for a $1.00, too! : )



Shannon said...

I was there last night and picked up those exact two things! But I *needed* neither so I left without them. I did however score a little ceramic bird and a pink tray. Totally necessary purchases :)

Karen said...

I can't tell what they are made from, but I wonder if you could apply paint and use them like a stamp to create a pattern on a wall or piece of fabric.

Dolores said...

I found some snazzy retro coasters at Micheal's the other day too! Their dollar bins are pretty hip nowadays.

Dayka Robinson said...

The dollar bin @ Michael's always has so much good stuff! They would definitely be good as a stencil.


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