Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trellis It Up!

My DP buddies will know what I'm talking about with that blog title! ; ) By now, most everyone knows of the gorgeous Kelly Wearstler trellis fabric and the many knock off/inspired pieces everywhere!

I, at one time had trellis-inspired pillows on our living room chairs, but with the new upholstering and color scheme, they have been sent downstairs...where some say our decor goes to die. However, don't confuse my sending my trellis pillows down with me tiring of the design! That could not be further from the truth! What I wanted was actually this pillow {x2}, from the lovely Nena Von on Etsy.
{nena von image}
They would work perfectly with my new color scheme and the size was just right to sit on our living room chairs! But, like with all things, I procrastinated and did not decide to purchase them. While her prices are very reasonable, I just couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on the two I would need.

As luck would have it, I found the exact inspired fabric at Marshall's in the StL! Now, this "fabric" was nothing more than a twin sheet set...but the wheels got to turning and I just knew my momma could make some pillow covers just as fabulous as those I had coveted!

I scooped that $19 sheet set up, sweet talked my mom, and came home with my ideas ready to go! I had originally bought some pillows to use as bolster ones, but soon realized when I got home that bolster pillows had come with the chairs and I had never used them! So, back went the original pillows and now our little project would cost less than $20!

{The pillows that came with my Overstock chairs and had never been used}
I googled "how to sew a pillow case" and watched these two youtube videos {here and here}for a quick tutorial. I knew my mom knew what she was doing but I wanted to be as specific as possible with how I wanted them to look. When she saw the videos, she had already decided to make them that same way--sweet!

After finding the sheet on Saturday, we met up on Sunday and cranked these babies out in less than a couple of hours! I'd like to say I had a big part in all of it, but I was only in charge of the cutting, ironing, pinning, and minor sewing! I trusted my mom, much more than myself, to do a presentable job and she knocked it out of the park!

My mom modeled the sheet for me before we started cutting!
Once we got them cut down to size another modeling picture was due!
My mom and I got to pinning and sewing which took less than an hour total!
I helped at the end by offering moral support, eating fresh peaches, and taking pictures of my giddy self. I was quite the little helper! Ha!
The finished product ready to be put together!
Mom with her work--she did so well! I told her we should totally sell them! : )
They look so good and were less than 1/2 of what I was thisclose to paying! Besides saving money, my mom and I got to partake in a little DIY project together {♥} and I had a little refresher on how to use a sewing machine. : ) Last time that ever happened was in 7th grade Clothing class!

Please stay tuned for the pillows' new home reveal along with that of my vintage sofa and living room chair cushion's reupholstering job! I am beyond excited to show everything to all of you and will do so asap when everything is delivered and set back up!



Suzie said...

omg.omg.omg! You've got me all hot and bothered and super excited about the living room reveal! The pillows are ab. gorgeous! Your momma has some skills! You should totally sell them! Ahhh! I'm gonna breathe now! :)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I'm so excited to see what it looks like. Could it get any better?

Love love the pillows. Your mom kinda rules.

Brilliant to use a sheet set.

PS - Can I come shop in your decor death basement? Pretty please?

Sima said...

Such a neat idea to repurpose the sheet set to make the cushions. May have to check out my local Marshalls. The cushions look great.

###### said...

yall look so happy..good job..

Melissa said...

wow those pillows look amazing! what a great idea you had! you and your mom should go into the business! =)

Unknown said...

They are gorgeous! Great job mom and you too for all of your moral support! =)

layersofmeaning said...

Amazing! as usual...
Joi, you should start an etsy shop! NOT KIDDING!

leah @maritalbless said...

What a beautiful project!

Jenny @ Anything Pretty said...

I actually saw those sheets at homegoods last week and I almost bought them. But I just bought lots of other fabric so I did not think the husband would like the idea since I had no plan for what to make with them. They also had some in royal blue but I am really loving the green. Now that I see how awesome yours turned out, I might just have to hope that they are still there.

Michael said... the blog title ;)

Ok, Joi...when I was in FL last month scouting condos with Jay, I actually found the chocolate Tango pillows at Z Gallerie. I snatched those puppies up and shipped them home.

But now I think I like the green better, LOL. Oh no, see what you started :)

Freckles Chick said...

Dear Joi's mom,

You sure know how to trellis it up in here. You rock. Those design stores have nothing on you!


Leigh said...

just saw the exact sheet set at Kirkwood's Homegoods... you gave me a fun idea! My mom use to sew so I may copy your idea entirely! thanks!

Unknown said...

WOW!! Those pillows look great, Can I borrow your mom?? I'm going invite my mom to hang out, then get her to create some pillow covers for me :)


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