Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farmer's Market Stroll

Who knew that coming home from Spain would make me such a homebody? I love being out and about and feeling productive and thus far I've done little to warrant actually leaving the house! I guess I can kind of blame it on jet lag, but not really. I mean, geez, I've been home for almost 2 weeks now and school is about to start in a little over 3 weeks! Some people would say summer's are for sleeping in and being lazy and I guess I have fulfilled that definition to the nth degree. Guess we gotta start living it up before reality comes a-knockin'.

David and I did manage to get out the other night and head to our town's farmer's market. We live in your typical farm-town suburbia and we love it! This year our city decided to host an outdoor market every Thursday with food booths, crafts, demonstrations, and music just minutes from our home. This close proximity=a nice little walk for the both of us. : )
We've only made it once because on the other Thursdays I have been out of town. I was lucky enough to score some ginormous tomatoes and blackberries! Two of my absolute favorites, might I add. The tomatoes were tasty, not the best I've had, but I'm no girl to say "no" to a summertime, bright red, homegrown tomato. I bought 10 and I managed to eat 8 before the other two went bad. David's not a fan, but I like to eat them cut up and with a little bit of salt sprinkled on them---pure bliss, I tell you!

Armed with my camera, I was able to snap a couple pics of the some pretty shots on the way to and from.
I might've taken more if my feet hadn't felt like they were going to fall off. You see, I was trying to be cute, and wear my new Spain sandals, and let's just say these shoes weren't made for long walks. I managed to come home with three blisters on the bottom of my feet-major ouch and a first for this girl! I guess that was a lesson learned and you bet I heard an "I told you so" from my sweet no-fashion loving husband. He is almost always right when it comes to my footwear choices...heck, he's almost always right, period. And that my friends, is #89484y7339 why I loved that man so much {even if I don't always take his fashion advice}.


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Suzie said...

School starts in 3 weeks? That went so fast, Joi! Love, love big juicy tomatoes! I love to sprinkle sugar over them too. Sooo good!

Hope your feet feel better! What we women do for fashion, right? :)


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