Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dave again

I've never hear someone say the word "potato" in a way that rhymes with with the "ah" instead of long "a". So when I pronounce a word and someone pronounces it differently and they say to me, "You say 'potato(long a) I say 'potato(ah)' what I am hearing is, "Dave, you are saying that word the way 99% of people say it and I am saying it in a made up way just so I sound like I know what I am talking about."

Why do some people say the name of the state that I live in (Illinois) like it is making a lot of sound? (Think about it)

Soda, pop, or Coke?

Here is the link for the interactive map with a county by county breakdown

Did the name "bug" for the insect come first or did the verb "to bug" come first? Did the insect get the name because it "bugs" or did the verb get the name because the annoying behavior is similar to a small bug flying in your face? Speaking of that, only in the last 10-15 years with the increase in computers could the phrase "the bug from my mouse caused a crash" not sound so silly.

Isn't it weird that there is a tennis racket but you have to be quiet at a tennis match? I wonder if someone has ever said to an unruly tennis crowd, "We don't need all your racket because the competitors brought their own!"

I wonder if shirts and pants make fun of shorts for being an adjective. How little naming effort were they given?

Cold spells and heat waves but not cold waves or hot spells? I guess because the waves would freeze and witches don't like the heat, with all the black clothing and such.

I wonder how tough it is to compete in the cotton swab market for any company other than Q-Tip? Interesting fact: the "Q" stands for quality. Isn't it interesting that cotton swabs appear to be designed for and are usually used for the cleaning of ears, yet medical experts recommend people not to for fear of eardrum puncturing, possibly causing death. Which makes me wonder: were they designed for it or not? If they were, I wonder when it was discovered that it could be a bad thing and how awkward the inventor felt for creating an ear cleaning device that punctured people's ear drums! If they were designed for that, I wonder who the first guy was that decided to stick a piece of cotton on a stick into his ear and then went and told all of his friends? There was a push in Canada last year for warning labels to be placed on cotton swabs telling people not to put them in the ear canal. If you or someone you know has punctured your ear drum from the use of cotton swabs, please do not think that I am mocking the situation. I just find the whole cotton swab/ear canal danger to be interesting.

Illinois not IlliNOISE.

Bye now


Freckles Chick said...

You are awesome. You've just voiced everything I've ever wondered but never said out loud. Thank you.

I'm from Des Moines, IA (Duh Moyne)originally and I kid you not, native residents have called it "Dez Moinez". I think they're joking, so I laugh and point. But they're not and then it's just awkward.

Michael said...

LOL...definitely "pop" for this Michigander!


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