Monday, April 6, 2009

Spanish Lessons & Photoshop

I love my job, especially when it leads into other fun opportunities. Right now I tutor/teach my little cousin Spanish every other weekend. We've had so much fun over the past year and it is such a treat to watch her grow and progress in her everyday life and in Spanish. She's the smartest kid I know and I tease her sometimes about knowing more than some of my high school students {which really isn't is a joke at all!}.

This weekend we began learning Springtime phrases and took a trip out to the playground and park to see/touch/play/say all those fun words. Wow, does this kid have a life and spark about her. She is an adventurous little chica!

Claire had a blast and I had a blast documenting her time! Last night David and I were messing around on photoshop and I think I've fallen in love.

The end results make me look like I kinda know what I'm doing with my new Nikon d60...if even just a little. : )

And one of trees...just for kicks!


Lynsey T said...

Great job with the photos Joi! Let me know if you have any questions about Photoshop. It can be a tad overwhelming!

Lynett said...

I love your pics! I want me some photo shop!

Suzie said...

What a cutie!!!! Love the photography!


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