Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plant One On Me

I have not been known to have the most green thumb of all people out there. But, I do try and bring in fresh green plants every chance I get! I've killed off as many as half of what I've bought...but who's counting? ; )

For the longest time, I have adored these plants from the moment I saw them in Teresa's former home. I absolutely had to have these plants. Teresa didn't remember the name, but knew she got them at Home Depot.

I stalked Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Lowe's for months until finally one day, I spotted the fabulous white bird of paradise plant!

I brought it home, happy to have it, and then you guessed died! Boo!

I then took a break and decided to wait awhile until I bought another one{after all they weren't exactly the cheapest plants, even at their starter size}. Well, that time has come and a sweet new one came home with me two weeks ago! And, I am happy to report that at this time, she is alive and well. Cross your fingers for our little birdie and hope that it grows big and tall like Teresa's!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love that plant!! I've never seen one like it.

Keep us posted - I'm sending good plant vibes your way. I can manage to kill just about any houseplant. I don't know what the deal is.

###### said...

I love that plant..I am not good with them, but I might try one..

Katie said...

Nice - I love the plant :) I tend to kill stuff too - that's why I try to buy majority of plants at Home Depot - if they pass in the first year, Home Depot will take it back :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

So pretty. I don't have a green thumb as well and have no plants in my house, but that plant is just too pretty. I may have to give it a try.

Suzie said...

Crossing my fingers and thanks so much for giving me the heads up! I love them!

Joi said...

Girls, the plants are gorgeous!

I just wish I had the magic touch to keep them alive!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome...i bought one last month and LOVE how it fills the room! -june24bride

AyChihuahua said...

Mija -- you must, must repot that plant. That is the key to plant love.

Find a good-looking pot not TOO much larger in diameter and layer the bottom with broken clay pot shards or river rocks for drainage. Fill it with premium sterile potting soil and nestle the plant inside, adding more soil until it covers the rootball. Add some granular timed-release fertilizer like Osmacote brand and water thoroughly.

Follow the plant instructions for lighting exposure. A big plant killer is overwatering. Just water when the top of the dirt feels dry.

Then play lots of classical music; plants are known to respond to Chopin and Mozart. At least mine do.


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