Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Photo Practice

Life is pretty sweet as a teacher--especially at this time of the year. With around 7 inches of snow and sleet on the ground we were blessed with not 1 but 2 snow days! Yesterday I spent the day sleeping in and doing odds and ends.

Today David was also off school so we got breakfast, watched some Tivo'd shows, and took my new Nikon d60 out for a spin. Last night I read the whole manual and played with a lot of the settings. The manual was clearly written for people who know much more about cameras than I do, but I am still going to try and learn as much about it as I can! I've been searching around the internet and think I've found a book completely dedicated to my camera that seems to be pretty popular with novice photographers. It will most likely be purchased tonight : )

But, even with my novice skills, David and I headed over to a park here in our town and took some snow day pics. David was so sweet and just waited around for me while I played with different settings and used my longer zoom lens. I am pretty stoked with some of the pictures I ended up with. I'd like to mention that none of these were photoshopped...I haven't even begun to learn that program yet!

View from our patio {in blue tone}
Pretty treesShed in the park {1st in sepia, 2nd in warm and green}
Bench {in light sepia saturation}
Same bench {different view and color saturation}Double row of trees in natural light
I love my camera because you can trim and saturate the photo right after you take it. I shot all of these in different modes and none of them were shot in the auto function!!!! I played with lighting, ISO {whatever that is}, and flash and shutter speed.

It's definitely a slow go for me, but I am enjoying it. Hope you enjoy the shots!


Suzie said...

Love the shots, especially in sepia! David's a keeper! ;) LOL!

Libbi said...

Awesome photos! The final one is my favorite...the rows of trees. Great job!

ThoughtsON said...

Nice pics! The last one is my fav! :)

Tomcon00 said...

That's my girl! Keep up the good work!

Rose said...

Love those snow pictures! I especially love the sepia one...I would have never thought of taking a snow picture like that. Usually I think of whites, grays, and blues!

Good work! :o)

melissa said...

Thanks for updating! The last pic is my fave too...I can also crop the pics right on my camera and zoom in as well after taking the pic...of course, I only figured this out about a week ago after owning the camera about 3 years...I don't read manuals :)

Michael said...

Ok, once you master the camera and PhotoShop, you're gonna teach me. I so love photography, but I don't get any concept beyond pushing the little button and watching the image appear on my screen.

Love the pics!

J said...

Joi, I liked your pics also and wondered how you got the colors in them. With your help you just taught me how and why my photo's seemed to have a blue background all the time it was set on cool setting. Thank You for the lesson, and not having to read my book.


Lynn said...

Joi you have done more with your camera in a month or so then your Auntie has learned about her's in about 3-4 yrs. All I do is take pictures. But yours may have more of a lense's but mine still does more I KNOW then I have learnt but I'm not good at reading and learning that way at all.
KEEP up good going..
Auntie Linda


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