Monday, December 15, 2008

Spreading The Cheer

David and I are fortunate enough to have stable and decent paying jobs at a time when many people don't. We were positive that given the chance, we would pass on a little bit of cheer to those in need.

Fortunately, the social workers in my district supply the high school with ages of children and their needs/wants. Student Council then makes construction paper "ornaments" with the items written on them and anyone, from students to staff to clubs, is encouraged to take an ornament and buy a present for those children.

I picked out two ornaments this year and plan on making this a tradition in our household. One was for a girl, age 8, with a desire for a Hannah Montana toy and the other was for a boy, age 5, with a desire for any toy!

David and I had a blast shopping for two kids! I think they will love what we picked out for them and only wish we could see their faces when they open them! But as they say, "real generosity is doing something nice for someone in which you don't receive credit." So very true : ).

Dave and shaggy Niko with the toys
Post wrapping!


Michael said...

Now this is the true meaning of Christmas...I admire you and Dave for doing this!

J said...

I agree with the above comment, definatly the true meaning of Christmas!! This is the part of Christmas that is the best for me bringing a smile to someone else's face.

Suzie said...

ITA with Michael! So sweet!


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