Monday, October 27, 2008

Carve It Up!

Every year Dave and I buy pumpkins to sit outside. Every year they go un-carved. This year we, well I, decided this pattern needed a change! Thus, we carved our very first pumpkins since the eight years we've been together this past weekend.

It was super fun and funny to watch Dave freak out at the pumpkin guts; he didn't do much of the carving, or rather any at all, because he didn't want to touch the insides! He, however, was the perfect assistant! : )

We started with our big pumpkin and our $4 carving kit from Wal-Mart. We both read the instructions because the last time either of us had carved a pumpkin was years ago, lots of years!

I knew I wanted to use our last name monogram as the first design. Dave and I decided on a whimsy letter "S" and I traced it on the pumpkin and removed all the insides.
Dave then posed for a picture to prove he was in attendance!

The actual carving was easier than I had anticipated--which was a good thing! Here's the finished product!

Since we always buy three pumpkins every year {one for Dave, one for me, and for for Niko}, I wanted to carve another one. The booklet that came with our carving tools also had sample designs. Most were of your typical halloween-type scene, which really isn't our scene.

However, one stuck out that I thought was just too cute and perfect for me! Some may think it's super dorky, but I love it and use the symbol way too frequently on the 'net!

Here are our beauties sitting pretty on the front steps!

And here's a shot of them in the dark! By the way, since I'm your biggest worry wart, we purchased the LED lights that appear as real candlelight since real fire was not a contender for this girl!

I have one more design in the works, but it requires a different pumpkin because the one that's left isn't the right shape. Details to come if I finish it in time! : )

Have you carved your pumpkins this year? If so, share the details and tell what you designed!


ROXY said...

WOW I've seen those LED lights for the pumpkins but never thought they would work so well!! I will have to pick some of the up!! Love you winky pumpkin! Very clever;)

Suzie said...

cute! I need to get off my ass and do that too!

C said...

cute! happy halloween!

Mawmaw said...

Good job and looks very nice. Love you both Maw Maw

Freckles Chick said...

You guys are too stinkin' cute! Love the punkin's.
(Hey, my kitchen's starting to resemble yours!)

J said...

Great job, The smiley turned out good, Good job Joi and Dave.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Katie said...

i love the semicolon end parentheses...too funny!


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