Wednesday, September 17, 2008

☮ Out Cancer

Maw Maw made it through all her chemo treatments with grace, style, and determination. She was a rock of strength and a picture of absolute beauty. She went to the doctor today and he said her next round of the cancer kicking regime will consist of 25-33 radiation treatments.

He isn't going to do another PET scan of her whole body {and while that concerns me} because her blood tests look good and I assume he knows the cancer was/is being rid of. He is the doctor after all!

I am so proud of her and hope these next couple of weeks will fly by for her. : )


T-Wan said...

I'm your "Maw Maw" made it through her chemo.

suzie said...

Yay for Maw Maw! You go girl!

melissa said...

Yay Maw maw!!!!! She's gonna kick cancer's butt!!!


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