Friday, August 22, 2008

Last 25!

I didn't forget, I've just been busy! Here's the last of my list of 100 things worth remembering! Check back here if you'd like to read 100-25!

24. Trick or Treating around Grandma and Grandpa McNeish's neighborhood when I was young.
23. Filming my last day of high school.
22. Weekend shopping trips with Mom and Maw Maw.
21. Having grilled cheese and tomato soup lunches at GCHS-my favorite!
20. Paw Paw pulling me around on a sled in his flat front yard when it snowed.
19. Watching Troop Beverly Hills over and over...
18. Watching our wedding video together for the first time and feeling so blessed and loved.
17. Having everyone caravan to our new home right before we got married to pitch in and help paint, clean, and set-up! That was one of the best weeks of my life--all the people I ♥ most, together all day!
16. Participating in my sorority's recruitment process.
15. Learning I got the job in GC and then also learning I'd be making lots more $!
14. David's and my first kiss ♥
13. Sunday morning Hardee's breakfast runs with David and Niko Harper.
12. Practicing cursive with Maw Maw to get it "just right."
11. Driving around, looking at Christmas lights every year with my family.
10. Supporting Maw Maw every step of the way to beat breast cancer!
09. Hearing my best friend Brett sing 'Sweet Child O' Mine' to me on my 18th birthday!
08. Dancing the last dance at Senior Prom.
07. Celebrating my 20th birthday with my best friend Emily...this would be the last time I would see her before she died. The memories are still so vivid.
06. Maw Maw and Mom surprising me and taking me to see Phantom of the Opera--I loved it so much I cried!
05. Saying 'I Do' on Makena Cove in Maui, Hawaii.
04. Pulling off my Mom's surprise 50th birthday party at our new home. She was so happy and surprised. We got her good!
03. Winning VP my senior year of high school and feeling so proud!
02. Taking family vacations with Mom, Maw Maw and Paw Paw and never wanting them to end.
I just can't bring myself to write a #1, it's like the list is done and I don't want it to be--so here's to many more memories like these to come... : )


melissa said...

awwwww! I like your one about everybody pitching in to help you with your house...those days are so fun when everybody is working (and playing) together! And...your list made me think of my Dad pulling me on flat snow on my sled too. The things parents and grandparents do!

jsanck15 said...

Oh my, I forgot to do my top 25! Maybe tomorrow night I will get around to it!


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