Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Weekend

As a typical girl, I celebrate my birthday for as long as my friends and family let me! My actual birthday is on Tuesday but since it's a three day weekend, I feel what a better way to celebrate than all weekend? Sounds good, right? Thanks for agreeing : ).

Yesterday was a nice day and it started out with Spanish lessons with Claire early in the a.m. The girls {Claire and her sister, Caroline} got me some pretty cute cards. We decided to take a picture together and Caroline {the littlest one} insisted on a funny pic--so I obliged!

Then later we headed out to O'Charley's to meet my Mom, Tom, Maw Maw, and Paw Paw for my absolute favorite meal: chipotle chicken tenders! Don't laugh--they're reallllly good!

We of course made a couple stops out and about to Pier One and Target where I got some pretty fun finds in addition to my birthday presents.

Cute overnight bag from Mom and Tom
School Spirit Gear from Mom and Tom!$$$ from Maw Maw and Paw Paw {no pic of the check!}

Perfect square frames {only $19} from Pier 1 to go in the guestroom! They're $39 at West Elm and PB! I may spray paint them before I hang them up!Cute mini vases from Pier 1Lamp and shade from Target {what do you think of it like/dislike??} with clearance lantern!Green throw
Tonight I'm headed to E-ville to meet up with two of my favorites for dinner {and probably a long one} to celebrate and catch up. I suspect we'll be there for at least three hours---I'm pretty sure the staff hates us and gives us the evil eye to leave. Oh well!

Tomorrow's agenda calls for dinner with my sweet in-laws! Yay for birthday weekends!


Jen said...

Happy birthday for Tuesday! What great goodies - and I love the lamp and shade.

Michael said...

Happy early birthday! Those are some great gifts!

Anonymous said...

This "sweet in-law" of yours can't wait to see you tomorrow! --Em--

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time! Happy early birthday!

Tomcon00 said...

I saw most of it first hand and I do like it all! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday! My little girl is turning 26 tomorrow! WHOW! Did you return the other lantern? I like the silver one. Enjoy tomorrow with the in-laws! I love you very much, MOM

Katie said...

first time reader - great blog - love the lamp & happy birthday!


Freckles Chick said...

Happy Birthday sweet J! Sounds like such a fun weekend =)

I lurve the lamp--it's perfect!! Definitely keep it.

Suzie said...

The best birthday wishes for sweet, sweet Joi! Great birthday loot and love the shade too!

Joi said...

Thanks everyone!

: )

Lynn said...

I just think its so cute you made faces with them. GOOD TEACHER YOU ARE..
Luv ya Auntie Linda

C said...

LOVE the lamp base. Is it on sale? I might have to stop in and check it out :)


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