Friday, April 4, 2008

Maw Maw's next step

Today Maw Maw was released from the hospital. The doctor is amazed at her strength and recovery speed. He says she is one tough cookie. Paw Paw and I brought her home just a few minutes ago and got her all set up. She is in good spirits. Unfortunately, though, I do have some bad news to share with all of you. The doctor read the pathology results of her lymph nodes before we left and said that 2 out of the 7 lymph nodes tested were positive for cancer. While this is certainly NOT the news any of us have hoped and prayed for, Maw Maw has prepared herself. She will go in for a follow-up appointment this Wednesday to get the dressing changed and possibly have the tubes taken off. The doctor said that he will get her in touch with an oncologist to set up chemotherapy treatments. She may also have a PET scan to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else in her body. The doctor seemed hopeful and optimistic that it hasn't spread because there usually would be some physical signs if it had reached her bones or liver, and none are present at this time. Please continue to send your prayers and thoughts. Our whole family appreciates it and Maw Maw needs all the love and support she can get right now.

Thanks for being there for us!


Caits said...

Thanks for the update...I will continue to pray for maw maw's speedy recovery!!!

Anonymous said...

you're in my thoughts and so is maw maw paw paw and all of your family. she's going to get through this. she's just on a little side path on the way to recovery. remember-we're coming out of this with 2 survivors....take care and i'm here for ya. melissa

The Juggling Francophile said...

Your strong family continues to be in my thoughts! Please let me know if there is anything I can do long-distance.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

MawMaw will pull thru this Joi, she is a fighter like I have said all along. I will continue to have you all in my prayers and thoughts daily. Just keep us posted on the recovery process!!!!!!

luv jane

Joi said...

thanks, everyone, for the very thoughtful comments ♥


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