Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Maw Maw update!

Paw Paw, Mom, and me all accompanied Maw Maw to her appointment with her surgeon this morning. Her doctor removed all of her staples, bandages, and drainage tubes/"grenades" (as the nurse so lovingly referred to them). As before, the doctor was pleased with Maw Maw's recovery and strength and is so very proud of her like all of us are :-). She is still very sore but is thankful to have the bandages removed because they were so close and tight around her armpits. The doctor said Maw Maw is pretty free to do as she pleases as long as it doesn't cause her any pain. She went to her hairdresser today where Judy washed and styled her hair for free, claiming it was the least she could do for Maw Maw--how sweet. Maw Maw's next big step is when she meets with her oncologist on April 21st. We will all be with her again, rooting her on and helping her kick cancer's behind! Thanks, again, for your continuous prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! Keep 'em coming :-)!I leave you all with a quote that touched me pretty deeply last night while I was listening to Martina McBride's song, "Anyway":

God is Great, but sometimes life ain't good
When I pray, it doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway, Yeah I do it anyway

I will continue praying and keeping the faith that the true end will be my Maw Maw surviving all of this! We may have not received the news we wished for at first...but the finale will be glorious!


C said...

i love that song too :) it's great to see you with such a positive attitude... and i would expect nothing else from you. your maw-maw is in my prayers as are you and your fam and i hope the battle ends in a glorious survival as you said!!

Tomcon00 said...

GREAT JOB KID! Love you Mom

Anonymous said...

glad to hear mawmaw is still doing good thru all this. That quote is very true. You are all in my prayers daily. jane

Suzie said...

Awwww I'm so glad maw maw was pampered!


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