Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update on Maw Maw!

Well, Friday came and went and we have some news to share. The doctor told maw maw that what he removed from her breast was in fact cancerous and aggressive. He said that she could either keep the breast and he would go in again and try and remove all tissue affected and then she would have to undergo radiation treatments or, she could have a mastectomy and completely remove the breast. Maw maw has chosen to have the mastectomy and take the other breast with it at the same time. This would result in the cancer not being able to ever come back there. Once the doctor preforms the double mastectomy (very soon), he will take a sample from her lymph nodes to make sure the cancer has not spread to them. He is very optimistic that it hasn't spread because the tests after her biopsy came back clear for no cancer in her blood stream or lymphatic tissue. Maw maw is not out of the woods yet, but I have faith that she will be soon. She is a fighter and the sweetest earthly angel anyone could ever meet. The doctor left all of us with a promising outlook saying, "I believe this is very treatable and curable." I am relying on the support of family and friends right now and even people whom I don't know who read this blog daily. Please keep sending positive thoughts and prayers maw maw's way.
Here's a pic of maw maw and me this past summer! She's so cute :-)


Caits said...

awwwww best of luck!

Anna said...

I'm so glad to hear the prognosis is good. I've been praying for Maw Maw and telling everyone I know about her and to pray as well. Looks like it is working. Tell Maw Maw I'm still praying and thinking about her and the rest of your family!

Anonymous said...

Your in my thoughts and prayers.
she will make it through this she is tough. Jane

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE your Auntie Linda is there always thinking of her. I wanna come up when they do surgery if POSSIBLE...and if she needs any help getting to dr. With CONNIE,YOU AND YOUR PAW PAW WORKING I may can help some at least. Gotta talk to Connie. Sharon may more and likely say no...or you all can handle it..I don't know..

Freckles said...

Your Maw Maw sounds like an incredibly strong and remarkable person. She will be in my thoughts....and you hang in there! =)
~freckles chic

Anonymous said...

I flinched your pic! ITS SOO CUTE! Its on myspace! I am trying to get the most money raises out of all the other DL employees :) So I am begging to myspace friends!


Anonymous said...

Joi --

I'm glad to hear that the doctor is optimistic -- and I'm glad you're thinking positively, too! your family is in my thoughts!!


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