Friday, March 28, 2008

Time to brag on my new purchase a bit!

I've been really wanting some fabulous chinese garden stools for our living room and I was searching the internet high and low for a good deal. The cheapest I could find was $129 a piece, and unfortunately that just was not in the budget for two stools. However, do not fret just yet, while I was perusing Garden Ridge one day I happened to see none other than two sweet baby blue garden stools for $49.00 a piece---score! I wanted them in white, but that was no biggie. Like David says, "If it isn't right...paint it white." He lovingly uses this phrase because we've painted all the trim in the house white, the window sills, all the kitchen cabinets, and all the old guest room furniture, too! We're getting pretty good if I do say so myself! Anyway, I 'll leave you with a pic of my garden stools that I ♥ so much! And, sorry I don't have before pics...I am so bad at remembering to take them. Oh, and wouldn't this pic be so much better if taken with a certain Digital SLR camera ;-) ???


Carly said...

Fabulous! I love those and love your idea to paint them white!

Freckles Chick said...

I *heart* them so much! Beautiful job. They just pop!
Question: where did you get your console table? I'm on the search for one with 2 drawers and yours looks perfect.

Luuvely said... goodwill gets all kinds of target things! and they had these in the store for only 10 dollars!!!! i bought one too!

Amy said...

very cute!!


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