Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hey, Hey!

How is everyone? Great, I hope! I'm just sitting here waiting to watch American Idol!

So a few updates: I got the mirror I posted awhile back about and turns out it is too small for the space :-(.
This news totally bums me out because I got it on a 20% off sale and was sooo happy. Oh-well, not much I can do about it. Now it's back to square one trying to find something that suits my taste. It's pretty difficult.

I'm also having trouble deciding on what to put on the wall in the bathroom and what wall at that. I don't know if I want framed prints or that decal I posted awhile back---ugghh, decisions-decisions! Oh, and p.s. the decal comes in many different colors so it wouldn't have to be a brown decal on a brown wall.

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Anonymous said...


Yes, I love spring break after Easter. It is nice. I also love sleepy puppy face.

Lumiere Place was pretty cool. We definitely won a lot, but that doesn't always happen. The Burger Bar was AMAZING!!



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