Saturday, February 2, 2008

West Elm

I love West Elm. It is an awesome decorating store that fits my decorating style to a "t". Unfortunately, the closest store is in Chicago. I made a trip up there this fall with my mom and maw maw and was in heaven! I stalk their website almost daily and have found some gorgeous things that I would love to have someday or tomorrow, for that matter ;-). Here's a couple things that have sparked my interest as of late. Enjoy!

This would look fabulous in my kitchen in front of the sink and it's on sale!

This duvet is beautiful. As much as I heart my current bedspread, someday it will need a replacement and this is definitely in the running!

I just like these. No place in particular for them...but I adore the color combination!


C said...

love the duvet cover! there's one like that at pb in a goldy yellow color that i REALLY want... maybe it will go on sale sometime :)

Anonymous said...

joi, have you ever been to a store called Tuesday morning. its a closeout store that has alot of goodies. I found it online by accident and then stoped in when in cape girardeau mo the other day.


Joi said...

i've heard of it but never been before---hmmm-sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

they have them in your area and you will love it if you go. Im sure they have alot of stuff up there compaired to cape store. you can find the locations at



Tuesday morning YOU WOULD LOVE! But dont yall have a IKEA IN STL???

YOU WOULD LOVE THAT STORE! OMG! Its in the running on my top 3 decor stores!

1. Garden Ridge
3. Pier Imp (but cant afford it)

Joi said...

no IKEA in the StL :-(


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