Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Target, Target, Target

Why can't I spend only the amount of money I plan to when I go here? That's the million dollar question! Today I went to Target to get conversation hearts in Spanish and I walk out spending close to $50. Here's the loot I came out with...

Brown runner to go in the entry way
Spanish conversation hearts for my classes :-)

Plain white long sleeve-T for 6 bucks!!!!

Cute black leather (or some sort of pleather...hehe) thong sandals


Anonymous said...

Fun! I saw that runner there and thought it was super cute. And the sandals are too :) Now you don't have to get the bronzy pair in black!


Those long sleeve white Ts are HOT now! And white is a good color! LOVE THOSE FLIPS! I may need to hit Target payday! CUTE!

I will have to visit your house when I am in STL next time! ;)


Joi said...

thanks! i'd love to see you! :-)

Tomcon00 said...

Well, dear darling daughter, I think I raised a shopaholic! Mom


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