Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another post with bird decor!

What is it with me? I have never liked birds until fairly recently. Maybe because they're everywhere...really, i can't figure it out! Anyhoo, I was browsing Etsy and came across this super cute bird decal. Now, I usually am not a fan of decals but this one is too precious for words and only 30 dollars! Now, if I could only decide on whether or not I am going to re-paint the bathroom. Then, I could decide on what color to actually get the decal in! it--HATE it??? It's ok, I can take it ;-).


Anonymous said...

I like those what site did you say you found this on???

My sisterinlaw hasdecals on her wall. I do have a friend that sent me a site where a friend of hers sell those decals but they are expensive. mostly words first time i saw the birds.


Joi said...

if you like crafts or home-made art and things you'll love this site!

Tomcon00 said...

I like the decal, it is cute and will match your shower curtain.

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE still maturing I guess...maybe we could call it. Or it could be HEREDITY. Ya know your MA MA, MOM, AUNTIE NORMA, AUNTIE CHET, AUNTIE BRENDA AND I ALSO LIKE BIRDS.
Call it what ya may, but we change as we go.


Very asian inspired :)


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