Sunday, January 20, 2008

What goes around... know the rest. Well, today was a great day. First, I got my heating blanket and I used my Bed, Bath and Beyond GC for it so it was technically free :-). David and I took my $75 iTrip back to Best Buy because my car could never find an un-staticy signal. My students told me to buy the cheapie tape deck adapter one and it would work just fine. While I was a little skeptical, especially since it was so cheap (17.99), I went ahead and bought it since the pricier one didn't work for poo. Well, what do you know---it works like a charm and it saved us $60 buck-a-roos! So, this was a great trade and we made some money back in return! And, last but not least, we went to Olive Garden tonight for Em's birthday dinner. When we got there it was PACKED. They told us it would be a 55 minute wait, and we agreed to stay and wait it out. They gave us our little blinky thing and we were just talking and waiting when it suddenly went off. Now, we were only there for a couple minutes....not even 5 whole minutes to be exact. I felt really bad at first for taking our table, especially since we walked right past all these people who had been waiting before us. Dave's family reassured me that it was out of our control and karma was being good to us for being good to others somehow. Hmmmm---what goes around comes around, let's just hope we were getting rewarded and won't have to pay for it later on in life...hehe!

Happy Sunday and have a great Monday--no school for us tomorrow :)

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