Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can't remember the last time I did one of these

Hi, my name is: Joi

But you can call me: Jo

I want people to remember me by: the kind of person i try to be--always--no matter what

I am the worst: at math, calling people back in a timely fashion, keeping my car cleaned...i'm sure i could go on, but let's not focus on the negatives ;-)

My design style is: modern/transitional/contemporary

I have OCD about: making sure my straightener is turned off

I refuse: to EVER smoke a cigarette or do drugs

My favorite scent is: my hubby and my wallflowers from bath and body works--love 'em!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: awww---now that's not nice

My high school was: amazing and i loved every minute there. GC forever..hehe

My college was: not everything i had imagined but i loved it because of the best sorority ever, AST!

My favorite season is: i used to say summer, but now i am partial to fall

My greatest accomplishment was: sticking to my morals and values and being a good daughter, friend, and wife

People say my best physical feature is: my hair??? i don't know

If I could change one thing about myself it would be: to not worry so dang much---i love the people in my family and all my friends with every being of my body and just don't want to lose anyone--losing Emily has affected me in ways i'll never grow out of

When I’m nervous: I can't sit still, zone out, and bite my bottom lip

If you were to look in my purse/wallet you would find: hmmm....lot's of good stuff: iPod, wallet, make-up, pencils, coupons in an organizer (yup--i'm old), glasses that i so seldom wear but should

The last person I slept with was: my boys--Dave and Niko (and p.s.--Niko's my puppy for those who don't know!)

If I were to get married right now it would be to: I am a happily married woman and loving every minute of it

My favorite thing to wear is: black, favorite jeans, hair wavy, and a punch of color in my shoes, top, or nails

My favorite childhood memory is: ones spent with my family and ALL of the ones with Emily--I miss her so much, everyday

My least favorite chore to do is: dishes--i have NEVER had a dishwasher

I should be: revamping Spanish 2 worksheets or reading for my grad class, but this is better

When I'm stressed out, my escape is: venting to my girls, family, and Dave.

The happiest recent event was: getting into grad school and making a secret New Year's resolution!

People always tell me: i'm too nice--ask my family if they agree ;-)

By this time next year: i'll be tenured--if i'm not teaching anywhere else that is

My current gripe is: crabby people and ungrateful people--but even that isn't really a gripe

The grass would be greener if: oh--it never really is

Never in my life have I: been drunk or high

I want to buy: EVERYTHING!!! why wasn't i born wealthy?

If you looked in my fridge you would find: fruit, water, gatorade, cheese, and hmmm...not too much else!

The world could do without: mean people (real original-huh?)

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: my living room lamps!

My middle name is: Danielle

When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: ask myself---do i really have to get up?

Tomorrow I will: go to school and teach the best kids in Eville, then battle the impending snow, I'm sure

I am who I am today because: of my family and friends--I have the best

My favorite animal is: a dolphin

The best song to describe my life would be:that'd be too hard

My all time favorite band is: aerosmith--i think. ask me tomorrow and it could change

The last movie I saw was: knocked up

The item I could not live without is: besides the obvious---my internet ;-)

My birthday is: Sep.2 baby!

The people who make me laugh the most: are my husband and students

The person I stole this from: someone on good ol' myspace

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