Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bathroom tub reno!

Awhile back David and I noticed a leak in our tub. We thought it would be a simple fix, but turns out our pipes were bad and had to be replaced. Tom, my step-dad, said that we could fix the pipes and then put up our old tub-surround back on if we really wanted to, but of course I thought that was silly. Ever since we moved here in 2005, I've wanted to re-tile the tub surround. And while the leak was very unexpected, it presented a no better time than to also bite the bullet and undertake the re-tiling on top of the fixing the pipes. We are really happy we did and are so pleased with the results. David and I learned alot about tiling from Tom and Dan and could probably do it on our own someday ;-). Check out the pics from during and after of the whole project. Also take a look at my new shower curtain!


Anonymous said...

Love the bathroom! It's FAB!!

melissa said...

looks great guys! i'm glad you can finally shower upstairs!! :)


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