Monday, December 31, 2007

Find me these lamps...please :-)

I have had my eye on this lamp for the living room and did not ever buy it. Well, I finally was ready to buy them (2--one for each end table) and then, what do you know, they are out of stock online at If you see these at a wal-mart near you send me an email. I'll love you forever!


Anonymous said...

I went to Walmart tonight and they didn't have it :( If you happen to call any Walmarts in Indiana that have them, let me know and I'll go pick them up! P.S. ZGallerie called and they found the lamp in the back stock. I picked it up today- it looks great!!! HAPPY 2008!!!!

melissa said...

Hey girl...I see you got your title to be did you do it?


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